Open-source firmware distribution focusing on clean and simple code, long-term maintenance, transparent validation, privacy-respecting implementation, liberty for the owners, and trustworthiness for all.

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What is Dasharo

Dasharo is a set of productized services, Open Core, and SaaS products which help to provide scalable, modular, easy to combine Open Source BIOS, UEFI, and Firmware solutions. It offers the components that are needed to develop and maintain a high quality, and modular firmware, for the stability and security of your platform.

Dasharo is based on four modules:

  • Dasharo logo Security Module - features that make your hardware trustworthy
  • Dasharo logo Performance Module - hardware performance optimization features
  • Dasharo logo Compatibility Module - maintenance and compatibility features
  • Dasharo logo Marketing Module - brand awareness and customer value

Each module contains a set of features that can be added to your Dasharo product.

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Why do you need Dasharo

There is no secure, high quality and widely compatible BIOS firmware technology solution that OEMs and ODMs can fully own.

  • Dasharo logo OEMs/ODMs have no control over their own firmware by being provided with closed source solutions of Independent BIOS Vendors (IBV).
  • Dasharo logo Pricing models are not flexible.
  • Dasharo logo The source code is not provided with open licenses.
  • Dasharo logo Testing results are not revealed and by that vendors do not provide any solid proof of the performance or security of their products.
  • Dasharo logo Software Bill of Materials is not disclosed. IBV does not provide solution details that may reveal components supply chain.
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Dasharo provides flexibility within its pricing model:

  • Dasharo logo standard subscription model
  • Dasharo logo one-time payment model with OEM/ODM full ownership* for the majority of the components

Dasharo improves firmware supply chain transparency with open solutions for customers by providing:

  • Dasharo logo source code
  • Dasharo logo build environment
  • Dasharo logo build reproducibility
  • Dasharo logo full information about software components
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